Our People

The reliability of our service depends on our people, who look after our clients day in and day out.

They are the cornerstone of everything we do, and supporting and developing them is central to our success. 

Our approach to people management is more than just a set of activities. We provide support for developing their knowledge and skills, ensure open channels of communication, and invest in modern equipment, innovative products and materials to support them in their work.

Modernization and materials are important, but nothing can replace the power of taking pride in what we do. Our people care about the quality of their work, which is something we acknowledge, celebrate, and reward.  That’s the Grosvenor way.

Staff engagement

Our people are ambassadors for Grosvenor Services and also the voice of our clients. It is through our people that we share best practice and replicate standards.

Ease of communication enables staff engagement and better support. We use a number of forums to engage with staff at every level and listen to what they have to say. In addition, we have expanded our use of technology. Our industry-leading auditing tool allows us to complete audits and share them on our intranet in real time, improving communication and transparency for clients and staff.

We also believe in recognizing hard work and exceptional people. As well as nominating team members for external awards, we run a number of awards for staff who go above and beyond, including: an employee of the year award.