Our people work for a business they can be proud of

To stay at the top of our industry, we rely on the quality, commitment and dedication of our people. We know that it is only through their efforts that we can deliver real value and build positive relationships with our clients. 

Being a great place to work is important to us, so we recognize and reward the talents of our people and teams as well as support them in developing professionally and personally.

Working with Grosvenor means

Opportunity – The opportunity to work in different territories and to develop different skills makes for a diverse and fulfilling career.

Values – We really live our values and we treat our sustainability objectives as KPIs. As a result, our people work for a business they can be proud of.

Development – We identify the areas in which our people want to develop and support them in their learning. We are at the forefront of developing training programs for the services we deliver. 

Sustainable careers & Benefits – We offer our employees flexible working hours, opportunities for advancement, rewards for excellence, continuous professional development, and an employee benefit program.

Training at Grosvenor Services

At Grosvenor Services we invest in the development of all our people. Every member of the Grosvenor Services team receives:

  • A full orientation program
  • An individual training program
  • Ongoing skills training

We have a dedicated training center in Florida, which develops our employees to the highest possible standards.

In addition to job-related training, we also offer:

  • Development and training for career progression
  • Opportunities to share ideas or raise concerns with management
  • Regular appraisals and evaluation

Grosvenor provides its customers a well-trained, well-managed staff. The initial and ongoing training that we offer team members gives foundation for providing quality and consistency. After addressing the preliminary points of transition, our management team will begin organizing and training employees that have been recruited for your project. The training phase of start-up will offer information on company background, methods, policies, and procedures in addition to the specifications and expectations required by the customer. All Grosvenor training and development is carried out in accordance with CIMS and CMI accredited management systems in Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental and Energy Management.

If this sounds good to you, get in touch.