About Us

The reliability of our service depends on our employees, who look after our customers day in and day out. 

Grosvenor’s People

The reliability of our service depends on our employees, who look after our customers day in and day out. They are the cornerstone of everything we do. Supporting and developing our staff is central to our success.

Many of our employees have joined us in the journey of success. From selection and training, orientation, and ongoing development, we have seen our employees reach personal and professional milestones.

Our training process is comprised of various activities as employees are supported through various stages of training, but learning is not confined to a classroom; it is a process throughout the career of Grosvenor Services employees. Our approach to people management is not just a set of activities such as recruitment, selection, training, orientation, performance management and development. We provide support for knowledge and skills, and we know that it is a personal attitude which delivers excellent service. We invest in modern equipment, innovative products and materials to support our staff in their work. But true service success happens when people care about the quality of their work, which we celebrate, acknowledge and reward. That’s the Grosvenor way!


Grosvenor is certified by the International Sanitary Supply Association’s Cleaning Industry Management Standard program (CIMS) as part of our quality management system (QMS). Our QMS provides review and monitoring of our operating model, ensuring we improve continuously. We have developed a planned approach to sustainable and safe systems of work, people performance and improved procedures. This integrated system will deliver enhanced service results for our customers. In addition, the QMS supports change within our business, which allows us to embrace a culture where our people can make a difference every day. You can be assured of a consistent commitment to quality of service and performance standards and that our people will always be flexible and responsive.

Consistency of Service

We strive to deliver consistency of service but more specifically, consistency in the quality of service experience that we deliver to our customers. We ensure consistency of service through:

  • Strong Operations
  • Process-driven best practices supporting quality, service, people, procurement, enhanced management Information and innovation, quality and consistency of service.
  • Substantial and sustainable competitive
    advantage, specifically tailored to align with Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs operating model.
  • Clear and productive front-line reporting processes: CleanTelligent Quality Auditing, SLA and KPI reporting, complemented by a robust schedule of reporting.
    • Daily audits
    • Weekly updates
    • Monthly reports
  • Communication and Engagement – Established communications structure in place.
  • Robust management structure: An Experienced Account Management Team supported by our Executive steering group and Senior Leadership Teams ensuring effectiveness of critical decisions.

Customer Service

Grosvenor Building Services practices a customer service philosophy that promotes open communication between customer and contractor and a can-do attitude from our service operatives. The nature of our industry dictates the need for a service provider to allow and to accommodate a certain degree of flexibility in the delivery of our service. There is a required statement of work that must be adhered to in order to be contract-compliant. However, when dealing with people and the dynamics of varying facilities, there will be occasions or possible missteps that need attention and/or adjustment. Grosvenor looks to these instances as an avenue to further communicate with our customer to provide a needed service or to fine-tune a process that is not working to its potential.

Staff engagement

When we observe our employees performing in an exemplary fashion, we celebrate it, and encourage the sharing of best practice and dedication through our awards program.

Employee of the Month

This monthly award is given to Grosvenor Services employees at various accounts each month throughout our service area. The award is determined by the account supervisor who acknowledges colleagues that have gone above and beyond their duty, or team members who consistently deliver high standards of work and commitment.

Employee of the Year award

Our annual Employee of the Year award is a company-wide competition. Area managers are encouraged to nominate their highest performing team members who are then fully audited by our Employee of the Year committee. The highest scoring employee receives the coveted title. The audit is challenging and our teams relish being able to share their competitive side.
We believe in rewarding hard work and awarding exceptional people so we also nominate team members for external awards.

Grosvenor’s use of Technology Supports Staff and Clients

In a world of instant access and social media, we have introduced technology to the front line. Our industry leading auditing tool means that we can complete audits and share them to our intranet in real time, improving communications and transparency for our clients and our employees.

Ease of communication allows for employee engagement and better support. Access to e-learning and other applications is transforming the way we work. We are always looking for new technologies and innovations to improve our service and help our employees do their best.

The Grosvenor Story

It’s Belfast, the year is 1959

John Bernard McCauley returns to his hometown after a tour of duty with the US army. With only his bicycle as transportation, he starts a window cleaning business with his wife Rita. The name Grosvenor comes from the street on which John Bernard was born, the Grosvenor Road, a working-class street of terraced houses near the city center.

Those were the inauspicious beginnings of what would come to be Grosvenor Services, which today employs 5,000 people in two continents and counts some of the most prestigious organizations in Ireland, the UK and the USA among its clients.

The founders’ son Bernard heads Irish operation and their daughter Rita leads the US division. The family business ethos is woven into Grosvenor Services’ values and is apparent in how we treat our staff and forge relationships with our clients. It’s one of the things that makes us different.

John Bernard McCauley & Rita McCauley


Since 1959, Grosvenor Services has been growing a successful business in Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Understanding what is important to our customers has epitomized the way our service has evolved over the years. As a family business, we have remained true to our core values: striving for excellence, commitment to delivering results and working to ensure a long-term trusting relationship with our clients.

We are proud of the enduring relationships we have forged with the clients we are privileged to work with and who have given us the opportunity to grow and develop. We know that our success depends on being relevant and consistent in what we do, so listening to our customers and adapting to their changing needs have always been a priority.

Successfully working with world-class companies, with world class standards has given us a platform for achievement to deliver award-winning service. Our future depends on our existing customers and we believe that our customers stay where they receive the best services.

Grosvenor Service’s United States operation in Orlando, Florida has been providing quality services since 1983.

Our full-service programs are designed to meet our customers’ every need:

  • Environmental cleaning for health care, schools, and office buildings
  • Specialized, cost-effective commercial cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Touch-point cleaning
  • Daily janitorial services
  • Day porter services
  • Complete carpet and hard surface maintenance programs
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
  • Temporary labor services

 We also have offices in the UK and work with European partners to offer our same high level of service for multinational contracts.

From the Grosvenor Road to the World – the evolution of a company