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St. Patrick's Cathedral

Established in 1191 and receiving over 380,000 visitors a year St Patricks Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland is major visitor attraction and still an active centre for worship with daily choral services. As a Dublin landmark with an incredible cultural and religious legacy St Patricks Cathedral is truly a national treasure.

When St Patricks Cathedral made the decision to move from in house to contract cleaning we were delighted to be chosen. It was clear quickly to the team that the Cathedral is a site like no other and needs to be treated as such. As a major tourist attraction and a still active and popular centre of worship our team are trained to work around the Cathedrals busy schedule of visitors, services and choir practice.

It is a very high profile site with high footfall which expects the highest standards of service. Maintaining these high standards without disturbing the atmosphere or schedule of the Cathedral is a crucial part of the success of our service delivery.

Cleaning the Cathedral means working on a unique mix of surfaces, many of which are centuries old, especially as we are working on a site known for its beautiful ornate tiled floor and its many historical statues and artefacts. This meant adapting the materials our team use to ensure that our team have no negative impact on the site so we have adopted a strict no chemicals policy for the Cathedral.

However the historical site requires more than just adapting our use of chemicals, the Cathedrals busy events schedule mean that our staff interact with visitors and worshippers alike, making Health and Safety is a major consideration. Our team are always aware of potential issues and are flexible, proactive and committed. 

We are proud to work with St Patricks ensuring that St Patricks Cathedral is maintained and protected for generations to come.

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